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At Worth Overdoing, it is our goal to improve your website ranking for keyword phrases, so you generate maximum profits with the use of the keyword analysis tools combined with the dedication of the SEO team, you can be sure that your website will rank above your competitors.
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Conversion Rate Optimization Services - Google Website Optimize


Are you making the most of visitor traffic on your website?
Can you be sure that your site is converting visitors into sales as effectively as possible?

  • Both these questions should be asked by any business operating online. Increasing your site’s sales conversion rate from 1% to 2% for example would have the effect of doubling revenues- all for no extra cost. Although the average conversion rate varies largely between different sectors, top converting websites can be as high as 45.1% (www.schwans.com- the US home food delivery service- recorded this conversion rate in August 2009, according to Nielsen Online). Gaining traffic via search engine optimisation or paid search can become much more valuable to your business by improving your site’s conversion rate.

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the name given to the process of testing websites to make them as user-friendly as possible and therefore most likely to lead to a conversion- be it a sale, a newsletter signup or online enquiry or whatever conversion you are targeting with your site.

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    Dissatisfaction with the shopping process is a common reason for visitors to leave a website- causing visitors to click back in their browser and possibly purchase from one of your competitors instead.

    50.1% of online shoppers place items in their shopping cart do not complete the purchase (Core Metrics “Core Metrics Benchmark Industry Report” March 2009)

    Even seemingly simple changes can have significant effects on the conversion rate of your website. Here are some of our top tips to help your website convert more effectively:

    Clear navigation- Is your website easy to navigate from every page? A high percentage of visitors will enter your site not via the homepage- can they still find their way around your site easily?

    Effective site search- Does your site have a search function? Can visitors quickly find the precise product or service they are looking for?

    Clear product pages- Are all the product details that the visitor is looking for easy to find, including photos, specifications and user reviews?

    Is registration optional?- On average 23% of checkout abandonment happens due to required registration (Forrester Research US: Required Registration Lowers Online Conversion Rates, April 2008). Not forcing visitors to register on a site before purchasing helps conversion rates.

    Clear contact details and help section- Is it easy for your visitors to find your contact information if they need to talk to you or find answer to particular questions? If your site is an ecommerce site, can the visitor easily see your delivery and returns policy before committing to purchasing a product?

    Easy to use shopping cart- Is the process for adding products to the cart and completing the purchasing process easy to follow and intuitive?

    Relevant landing pages- For traffic arriving via paid search, is the page they come to on your website the most relevant for the keyword they were searching?

    Trust- Does your website convey trust- through customer testimonials, awards or affiliations for example?


What Worth Overdoing do:

Worth Overdoing’s approach to Conversion Rate Optimization focuses on measurable data- hypotheses are tested and results are acted upon. What this means in practice is that we test different versions of principal pages on your website (designed by our in-house team) using Google Website Optimiser to find not what we guess may be the best converting pages, but what the statistically significant results from the real experiences of your website visitors tell us are the best converting pages. The process works as follows:

The results:
Successful conversion rate optimization takes the guess work out of improving your website’s design, leading to:

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Why your website needs search engine optimization services from the pros

According to statistics, 85% of website traffic is directed from search engines, and a majority of that volume comes from a selected few. Even though your company already has an internet presence, you won’t have that leading edge above your competitors if your site doesn’t rank among the top 10 in major search engines for your targeted keywords. You run the risk of losing revenue to your company’s rivals.

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