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At Worth Overdoing, it is our goal to improve your website ranking for keyword phrases, so you generate maximum profits with the use of the keyword analysis tools combined with the dedication of the SEO team, you can be sure that your website will rank above your competitors.

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Targeted Link Building Services - Off-Site Optimisation


Your search engine ranking (particularly in Google) depends upon identifying related sites to which your site can be linked from.

Worth Overdoing is able to target web sites for back-links that are relevant and themed, saving you from undertaking this protracted and taxing process.

We find out why sites link to competitor sites and develop diverse back-link strategies to ensure our clients stay one step ahead of the chasing pack!

How to Recognise a Quality Link

A quality link is one that originates from a related or trusted web page that has already been indexed, thereby enjoying some popularity on the search engine.
One way back-links
are the source preferred by Google, through their inherent quality element when they have been used in relevant copy, such as an article or blog post.Reciprocal links are qualified as partner backlinks. Reciprocal themed links still have value in Google’s index but not as much as one way links.

Incoming links should:

  • Be relevant to your subject
  • Have a relatively high Google PageRank (or if zero PR be from a themed and trusted source)
  • If possible use appropriate keywords in the anchor tag
  • Be from as many separate domains - IP addresses as possible
  • Be diverse (do not target one particular link source)
  • Be, if possible, from a page that has link authority (passes on link juice)
  • Be 'do follow' links and not 'no follow' links
  • Have accessibility to search engine spiders

Our Link Building Package

Please call us now for a free 'link building strategy' consultation - 0113 3411836 or please use our contact form.

Useful Google Tips when Link Building

Why doesn't Google show all links coming into a site?

Google has always shown only a sample of the links coming into a site. These links are updated in the search results every 3 - 6 weeks. Even though Google only shows a small sample, this does not mean that Google doesn't count the other backlinks when displaying search results.

Google updates its search result pages for standard searches continuously, and these search results take into account all links that Google has found.

How often does Google update backlinks and its PageRank system?

Google usually updates their Backlink results and PageRank results every 3 - 6 weeks. The update generally begins on a weekend or a holiday and lasts for 3 - 4 days.

It is very common to see dissimilar results across the different datacentres during this time. Also, if there are different results across google datacentres when searching for backlink results, this means that an update is in progress.


Why your website needs search engine optimization services from the pros

According to statistics, 85% of website traffic is directed from search engines, and a majority of that volume comes from a selected few. Even though your company already has an internet presence, you won’t have that leading edge above your competitors if your site doesn’t rank among the top 10 in major search engines for your targeted keywords. You run the risk of losing revenue to your company’s rivals.

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